Dudu Lagoon visiting Blue Lake & Diamond Beach

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Dudu Lagoon is located in the northern zone, in the municipality of Cabrera in the María Trinidad Sánchez province of the Dominican Republic.
It's a beautiful place, where on arrival we will find a vacant lot, then we will go to a kind of hut where the magic begins, it's a totally radical change for all the green that will surround them like trees and grass.
The same aquatic mass of the lagoon is the product of the depression of a cave, a geological phenomenon called cenote and that is what provides it's characteristic conical shape as a funnel.
The most striking attraction is the zip line in which it will suspend itself in the air and that it will only hold with the hands of a kind of bar where, later, provided by a life preserver, it will fall to a height of 10 meters in it's turquoise waters with about 25 meters deep.
Many tourists are attracted because it's one of the few places in the world where speleobuceo is performed, which is the practice of cave diving that connects to another. It is said that this lagoon was used to dive since 1993. To be able to dive there, you must have the certificate of a diving school.
It consists of 2 lagoons: the deepest El Dudú and the shallowest El Pozo de los Caballos, where those who can not swim can enjoy it. The legend says that its name is due to the fact that a cacique named Dudú lived in these caves.
Other attractions of the Dudú Lagoon are seeing the indigenous cave, resting in hammocks, volleyball court, soccer field.

Diamond Beach
The Diamante beach is located about 10 minutes from the Dudu Lagoon, it is very special because you can walk about 50 meters inland and the water will not go from your ankles, it has a thick vegetation towards its sides which makes that area there shadow As for the waves, they are imperceptible. It forms an incredible cove of white sand, where you can feel the struggle between fresh and salt water, and warm water with the cold water of the underground rivers that flow into it.

Blue Lake

A few minutes from Dudu Lagoon is this small lagoon of very blue and crystal clear water, it is a natural pool, "Agua Azul", as its name indicates it has a nice and fresh water of a turquoise blue hue, close to the 40 feet deep, but it is so clear that it is possible to observe the bottom. It is said that the blue color is due to the fact that its waters are underground and at some point they are related to the sea.

As you approach you will realize how nature has been patiently working to create a pleasant environment with incredible details. If you look up, at the edge of the cave you will notice that some trees decided to extend their roots until they hit the ground.


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