Why are there so many different prices on excursions? Part I 17/06/2018

Why are there so many different prices on excursions? This question is asked by a client a few days ago, what was my response? Experiences, good service and trust.

For every human being it is vital that their needs are heard and even more so that they are taken care of as soon as possible.

Says Robert Solomon in his book 'The art of customer service' that one of the most important things in a relationship is trust. And the reliability of a delivery must be the cornerstone of the vision of any company, be part of a business culture and assume an indication of its quality as a corporation. In an area such as advertising, which moves with intangibles such as ideas, the service offered to the customer acquires even if mayor relevance. It has in fact, power to tip the scales in a decision.

Having said all this, not all companies focus on good customer service, not even in strengthening the reliability of their brand before society, therefore, in good experience, all this comes at a cost that can differentiate in greater or lower cost for end customers, but often leave a sweet taste to remember that service provided, which calls you to return and do it with that company.

This also influences the point of view of the user of the service, as many only manage to reach their destination and receive it, others wish to receive elite service and treatment from beginning to end, therefore today there are several points of view, For users who demand elite services, sometimes tend to think with their budget, before thinking if it is really time to travel to a new place without guarantee of service, in the other case is also of users who only seek pay to get to the destination, and meet them, these users are often drowned by the service, since they are not interested in reaching the destination.

In the Dominican Republic, effective controls of the categories are not allowed, they are offered with the same services or more destinations are visited, this must be taken with the same reason, this is not always the case, and they arrive at misleading advertising situations.