Privilege Club

MamaJuana Travel's Privilege Club

It is a benefit club that allows you to obtain 1KM Point for every 100.00 DOP  of your purchases, Start as a Select traveler filling out a form with your data that is present on your identity card. Instantaneously after the affiliation, you can use your card to start accumulating points.

The Issuance is free the first time.


Accumulate points in your card equal to the value of your purchase that you can use to pay for products or services at the offices of MamaJuana Travel and affiliated businesses.
Automatically participate in promotions and raffles.
Receive discounts when using the membership
Participate in special promotions with discounts of up to 50% on selected products and services.
Birthday giveaways


You must always submit your membership to accumulate points, also to redeem your points.
To redeem points it is essential to be the owner of the membership and present the card, sign a voucher of use.
The points accumulated during a year always expire on May 20 of the following year.
In case of death, the spouse requests the exchange of the points together with the death certificate and marriage certificate. (Only the spouse is authorized to request these points)
The accumulated points can be exchanged from 500 points accumulated 1 point = 1 weight.
The reprinting of the membership code has a cost that is deducted from the accumulated points.
Keep membership updated (Notify through customer service change phone, add email address) Mandatory filling fields name / ID / phone /