Top 5 best beaches in the Dominican Republic 28/05/2018

Top 5 best beaches in the Dominican Republic 

In this amazing part of the Island we are blessed with more than 400 kilometers of beaches which much of them  have not even be in pictures before, but this time around our top 5 is based in the most known and beautiful beaches visited by locals and tourist.

As a heads up we are working on a new ranking for the less known but amazing beaches that we have to offer.

Disclaimer note:  This is a ranking list based in the thoughts and preferences of the writer therefore is do not make an official list from our country or officials.

So lets move on and start from button to top of the list with.. 

No. 5 Cayo Levantado or Bacardi Island 

Creditos Flirck: Cayo Levantado - Rachel Docherty
Creditos Flirck: Cayo Levantado - Rachel Docherty 

This little island has amazing beaches bath from the warm waters of the atlantic ocean entering the Samaná Bay, also during the months of decimeter to march is the nest for the mating of whales every year. 

No. 4 Saona Island 

Creditos Flirck: Isla Saona - Germania Rodriguez 

This is the most famous destination in the Dominican Republic, know for locals and tourist for its beautiful beaches and corals, white warm sand and delightful to the eyes palm trees.

No. 3 Playa Rincón

Creditos Flirck: Playa Rincón - Peter Burka 

Considered within the best beaches in the world for his natural attributes like fine white sand and turquoise clear water, definitely to most go in your travel plans.

No. 2 Cayo Arena

Creditos: Cayo Arena - Jeans Quevedo

Ok to be fair much of you will think this is not a beach but the definition for beach is "Almost flat extension of sand or stones on the shore of the sea, river or lake." This cay is a few miles out in the atlantic ocean over a coral reef with fine beautiful sand.


No. 1 Eagles Bay

One of the most if not the most isolated beach in the Dominican Republic, consider to have the most cristal clear waters in the world, the closest town is pedernales in 25 km away, this beach has no palm trees and the only way to get trought is with a boat.

Hope you like our list, what you think? Anything to add?

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