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Day 1 Balneario San Rafael - Viewpoint of San Rafael - Los Patos - Los Cocos Wind Farm

We start the day at the spa San Rafael is located in the province of Barahona,…

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location_onBahia de Las Aguilas, República Dominicana
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Day 1 Balneario San Rafael - Viewpoint of San Rafael - Los Patos - Los Cocos Wind Farm

We start the day at the spa San Rafael is located in the province of Barahona, between the Barahona-Enriquillo highway, being one of the busiest in the southern region of the Dominican Republic.

One of the peculiarities of the San Rafael spa is that it combines the ocean waves of the Caribbean Sea and a natural pool created at the mouth of the San Rafael River. The pebble and gravel beach is popular for surfing, and on weekends bathers can enjoy music thanks to local restaurants.

Swimming is not recommended in the area due to the strong waves.

The waterfall of the river is one of the main attractions of the place, which has been converted into a natural spa. This place, as well as the beach, is very visited by Dominicans and foreigners during weekends and holidays.

The beach has crystal clear waters, turquoise color and is covered with small, very polished white stones. It is a good idea to go with water shoes to accommodate the feet.

After having a delicious lunch and resting, we will go to the Mirador de San Rafael to admire the beautiful view and take pictures.

Then we head towards the Natural Spa and Playa Los Patos is located in the municipality of Paraíso in the province of Barahona; conformed by the river and the beach. The striking thing about this destination is that the river flows just a few meters from the beach. It has the peculiarity that it is the shortest of the Antilles.

The river has a distance of 500 meters, has a crystal clear water you can even admire the fish that live there. The beach has an excellent strong surf for those who like to practice surfing, the same one instead of sand has stones. It has an unforgettable landscape, the tonalities of blue that make up the sea are stunning.

After swimming, taking pictures and if they want to buy some other souvenir, or have coffee or some other snack.

Then we will move to Los Cocos Wind Farm that extends from Juancho, Pedernales, to Enriquillo, Barahona, in the southwest of the island, it is the first power plant from the wind installed in the Dominican Republic.

The first Dominican wind energy park placed the country on the world map of the wind and on the agenda that seeks green practices as a way of the sustainable development of nations.

After measuring for years the power of the wind in different points of the national territory, the Generating Company of Electricity Haina (EGE Haina) began in 2010 the construction of the Wind Farm Los Cocos, in Juancho, Pedernales, thanks to the favorable typical air currents of the area, combed by the generous trade winds.

In 2011, EGE Haina inaugurated and put into operation the Los Cocos Wind Farm with a generating capacity of 25.2 MW at a cost of US $ 100 million. In 2012 the expansion of the wind power plant was developed, with the inclusion of 26 wind turbines with a capacity of 52 MW, for a total generation of 77.2 MW with 40 mills, equivalent to 100,000 homes supplied with clean energy or one million low energy bulbs lit for a year.

It is worth noting that this expansion, which had a cost of US $ 100 million, increased the capacity of the first stage by 200%.

We arrive at the hotel and we check in and prepare for the group dinner that awaits us.

Day 2 - Dominican-Haitian Border - Cabo Rojo - Bay of Las Águilas

To start our second day we will have an exquisite breakfast, then we will go to the Haitian Dominican Border to take pictures, the same is the division between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

With an extension of 380 kilometers, the flow is constant by the 32 formal steps that constitute the border bridges.

There are five border provinces on the Dominican side: Montecristi, Dajabón, Elías Piña, Independencia and Pedernales.

It has great commercial importance for both countries since they boost the economy and supply provisions.

Then after having known the border we moved to Cabo Rojo, located in the province of Pedernales, about 120 km from Barahona, in the southern zone of the Dominican Republic.

Its name is due to the bauxite that abounds in the surrounding areas because of the exploitation that took place there, the area was closed to the public for several years.

It is well known for its white sand beach which is semi-virgin, warm waters and beautiful shades of blue. It is ideal to contemplate the sunset, it is the best point to see how the sun hides and the moon rises. They also house the best preserved coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea, which is the ideal area for the reproduction of the Antillean manatee and the young hawksbill turtle.

Then we will go to the beautiful Bay of Eagles is located in the central part of the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.

It is considered one of the most crystalline beaches in the world. It is part of the Jaragua National Park and has an extension of about 37 km long. Bahía de las Águilas comprises from Punta Chimanche to Punta Águila, located in the southern part of the island.

Its beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands; Corals and starfish abound. If you are lucky you will see the Carey turtles as their largest nesting in the Caribbean. They also have populations of rhinoceros iguana, pigeon coronita, pigeon ash, lambies and manatees. Endemic plants such as canelilla and guanito coexist with guayacán, roble, gayuco and guazábara.

There live about 130 species of birds of which 10 are endemic, 76 residents and 47 migratory.

Due to its great biodiversity, the park was declared by the Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 2002, together with the Lago Enriquillo and Sierra de Bahoruco parks. Because it is a protected area, it is forbidden to camp, make bonfires and leave garbage in the place. What is not forbidden is to enjoy its beautiful crystalline waters, sunbathe or just enjoy the panorama and take pictures.

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Actividad o visita: Playa San Rafael, Playa y Río Los Patos, Pueblo Pedernales, Playa La Cueva, Bahía de las Águilas, Frontera Domínico-Haitiana, Laguna de Oviedo con baño de lodo, Arroyo Salado, Parque Eólico Los Cocos.

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