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The Paraíso Caño Hondo ecotourism complex is located in Sabana de la Mar, which belongs to the province of Hato Mayor in the Dominican Republic.

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The Paraíso Caño Hondo ecotourism complex is located in Sabana de la Mar, which belongs to the province of Hato Mayor in the Dominican Republic.

The road to get there is a bit mistreated because the driver must have experience because it has many curves. But the tour is totally worth every second because at the end you will enjoy the 8 natural pools that are very beautiful, the whole place is built taking care of the flora and fauna of the place.

They have a zip line with 2 lines of 500 meters each for those interested, from it it is possible to see the whole complex and beautiful landscape that comprises it, it is an unforgettable experience where you feel you can fly.

The words fall short to describe all the green that will surround you, plus the beautiful water of the Jivales River which supplies water to the pools from a waterfall taken from the mountains.

As indicated by its name is a paradise surrounded by a beautiful nature that will steal even the sighs. Other attractions of Caño Hondo are a volleyball court and swings.

Los Haitises

Los Haitises National Park is located in the Northeast of the Dominican Republic, within the Bay of Samaná. It has an area of ​​3,600 km, most of the park is located in the municipality of Sabana de la Mar in the province of Hato Mayor and is completed in the provinces of Monte Plata and Samaná.

"Haitises" means high ground or mountain land. From the hydrographic point of view, Los Haitises and its areas of influence comprise two regions: the lower basin of the Yuna river and the Miches and Sabana de la Mar area.

The karstic zone of Los Haitises is composed of hills (mogotes) next to each other with valleys (funds) between them. The mogotes of the interior and the keys of the Bay of Samaná have the same origin, differing only in that the bottoms between the cays are occupied by the water of the sea and that they are less elevated than the mogotes.

The Haitises constitute a karst (relief in limestone rocks) tropical in mogotes, characteristic of these climatic zones of the earth. In its external morphology presents hills, corridors and valleys, and in its internal morphology cavities, some of large dimensions such as those of littoral.

The Los Haitises National Park has magnificent landscape elements such as the Bay of San Lorenzo, different keys and populations of mangroves.

Between Boca del Infierno and El Naranjo Arriba is located Cayo de los Pájaros. This is easily recognized by the presence, flying over low, almost permanent of the earwigs and pelicans. The tallest trees grow in the center of the key, which is the highest part.

Round Mountain

Montaña Redonda is located in the municipality of Miches of El Seibo province, between Laguna Rincón and Laguna Redonda of the Dominican Republic. It is located 1000 feet above sea level, it is a paradise with a surprising 360 degree view towards the lagoons, Esmeralda beach, Tortuga / Limón, Miches, Samaná Bay and in the background we can see the Samaná mountains. It is functioning as a tourist spot since 1999.

Among the activities that are carried out is its magical swing, the broom that in the photos seems to be flying, whether you just want to rest in a hammock, or take pictures and observe the wonderful nature in all its splendor with all that green around you. It also has a comfortable hammock where you can rest. It is a unique destination as there are in a few places.
Natural Pool Media Luna
 A natural pool in the sea, made up of banks of sand, cobbled by coral reefs and white sand.

It is a place that remains totally virgin in its natural habitat, allowing bathers to take photos with marine stars under and on the surface of the water.

The extravagant and original place is reached starting from the "Muelle de Jumbo", owned by a foreigner who has settled down with his villa in the area, enabling the pier to the west from where he sails on modern catamarans and speedboats, which is the authorized transport licensed to operate in the tourist area.

To get to the main pit you have to walk through a maze of water, surrounded by sandbars.

Nobody can escape to know this water resource with tourist attraction in Miches, then, it is the only place in the area, where tourists and vacationers can enjoy and meet the sea stars and fish of considerable size.

It is a place where the water level depends on the horizon of the tides or marine currents, which when it is high becomes deeper and when it is low, the flow of the pool decreases.

Being hidden and being accessed by the sea, makes it a magical and virgin place, for those who visit it, not wanting to leave.

Here there are no trees to shelter from the sun, but the water is cold because of the cradling or swaying of the trade winds in the area.

It can be summarized that it is a natural lagoon in the Atlantic Ocean, which owes its name to that observed from above resembling a half moon.

The locals also call it Cayo de la Media Luna, formed by coral reefs and white sand, crystal clear water sprinkled everywhere to break natural waves, which calm their waters.

When the tide is stable its depth does not exceed three feet, which makes children and adults enjoy this paradisiacal place of salt water.




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